Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are Videos Feasible Tools in Public High Schools?

For a variety of reasons, videos are gaining ground to become one of the most powerful tools that EFL educators have at their disposal nowadays. To begin, considering our learners ‘styles can be the starting point to state that these kind of resources may highly contribute to the learner –centered approach. In other words, videos may provide visual learners with some benefits to foster consciousness-raising.
Nevertheless, as with many limitations, we have to deal with lack of technological infrastructure in high school for example. If we consider our local context, more specific public high schools, I wonder whether educators can count on this kind of stimulus as a standard practice. It is well known that at the secondary level, technological devices are not available sometimes. For instance, It is pretty hard to have a video beam to empower your English classes.
I think that at this stage, the internet would play a crucial role since it “is a useful tool to expand the resources available to your students”(Iberri-Shea, 2009, p.36). I strongly believe that there are several clear advantages of the internet to improve EFL learning. However, it is important to know that not only using some web tools such as videos but also web 2.0 tools in general is an educational challenge. But in the case of public high school is a matter of inspiring our students, commitment to our profession and to the sake of our students. The answer is yes, just if we put into practice the above mentioned ideas.

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