Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CoPs: The First Step to reach Self-Learning

The first time that I heard the Term Communities of Practice (CoPs) was at the beginning of my master course where I made an oral presentation in WIZq with Professor Lisbeth Belisario. Although it was meaningful, I think that in that moment I was not acquainted with the impact of CoPs on TEFL. Today, that my knowledge has expanded I recap some aspects from that presentation.
The main issues presented in that online experience relied on Etienne Wegner`s ideas. He claims that communities of practice are groups of people who share the same interest, interact regularly and learn from and with each other (Wegner, 2006). Under this framework, we provided our audience with some examples such as Venelt and WIZq. However, as technological as CoPs seem, we concluded that they are not always related to technology. In fact, they are everywhere: at home, at school, in our hobbies, in our lives (Wegner, 2006).
Obviously, nowadays I can mention some others. For example, twitter that in my opinion is a rich resource to learn from some authorities in the TEFL arena. For instance, I have a confession to make. I have learned a lot about technology by following Professor Miguel Mendoza on twitter. I would like to highlight that the flood of tools and tips that he always offers by this means is infinite and has helped me a lot in building my self-learning path.
Finally, the reason I felt it was important to write this reflection is to highlight that knowledge (the domain) should be shared not only on the internet but also in our everyday life. This is the keyword to being a successful teacher.

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