Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Contributions of Technology to my Professional Development.

As I reflect on my own beliefs about technology, I totally agree with the impact that web 2.0 tools have on language learning. First of all, I believe firmly in the idea of technology as the most critical component that contributes with reducing distance and time barriers in the educational arena. Nowadays, there is a flood of people who attend classes no matter where their teachers are, thanks to a computer or a mobile phone they are getting closer.
As an ICT Student I have learned in a more conscious way to handle, utilize and disregard some technological tools. At the very beginning, I used to visualize web 2.0 and 3.0 tools as simple tasks that I could include in my daily teaching. In this current ICT setting, the demands, duties and responsibilities of incorporating technology in an EFL classroom often requires more critical thinking skills that I have definitely developed through this ICT in TEFL Course.
It is fair to say that I have acquired so much knowledge about the theory behind every single used tool that I am so proud of speaking properly about what I am doing in my classes and why. Terms such as technogogy, long life learning, critical thinking, RSS, widgets, gadgets, blogs, wiki, podcast, minicast, hashtag, embed, among others, have undoubtedly changed the way I deal with tech vocabulary.
It seems the more I read and use ICT devices, the more I am involved and engaged in learning about them, teaching them to my students with the main purpose of enhancing and fostering a meaningful learning and teaching process, sharing all my knowledge with all of those colleagues that are interested in technology, and last but not least, using technology to educate and havge fun with my daughter. Finally, I have to say that this course has been a wonderful and outstanding experience that has enabled me to change my teaching perspective, motivated me and inspired me to be a better person, a conscious teacher and a new digital literate.


  1. Dear Albis,
    I'm so proud when reading your post. It really touches me because I see how much you've grown in the understanding of all these tech matters. Your clear thoughts and goals will make you a great leader in this field. You've done an outstanding job on your blog and the whole course. Congratulations! Keep on shining!

  2. Albis, I am very proud of this ICT in TEFL group. You all did a great job! When I heard the Voicethread, I got so inspired that I felt like sharing to everybody what you did. I even recorded my own Voicethread related to you guys. This is just the beginning of the journey towards PLN, collaboration, learning and better, getting to know wonderful people in education! ;) Luiz Reikdal from Brazil (@ELTtech)