Sunday, June 5, 2011

Podcasting under a Technogogic Framework

In starting this piece of work I read a lot of new words but I ran into a new term that called significantly my attention: Technogogy. As Peachey (2009) defines it, Technogogy is a combination of educational potential of new technologies through sound pedagogical exploitation. In other words, a hybrid of technology and pedagogy. Under this conception many tools have been implemented for the sake of using new technologies to contribute to the educational arena. In this respect, podcasting crops us as an important means that may be linguistically well-grounded.
In fact, drawing on podcast definition as a series of audio or video programs delivered trough a static URL and constantly feed by RSS (Ratcliffe & Steve , 2007), it can be said that it may have educational implications for EFL students, since it will contribute to meet the needs of 21st century learners: more authenticy in teaching and learning. skills such as real life listening and more meaningful speaking tasks will doubtless expand educational evolution under this digital era.
It is obvious that people see a huge increase in the range of podcasting in education. Nowadays, more and more people download videos and audio files from the internet, teachers usually visit podcasting web sites for getting audio material for their students (At Universidad MarĂ­tima del Caribe, we downloaded podcasts for an International Trade and Transport Course), more authorities are implementing podcasting as social innovation (Service Podcasting: UNESCO releases a series of videos on human rights, peace and tolerance) among others.


  1. Albis that term "Tecnogogy" that you mentioned made me google it. Thanks for the information.

  2. It was me, Lisbeth, who posted as anonymous since I couldn't post as Lisbeth.

  3. A positive thing of using podcasting is that nowadays it is considered sort of a novelty. Every time a new tool or techno artifact appears, it creates a boom. Podcasting origin is not so remote as it started to be used in the early 2000, and what has made this artifact be so popular in many fields is its usability and accessibility. For us language teachers, podcasting is actually a powerful tool. Using podcasts to expose our students to language input is an excellent teaching strategy.
    I am really happy of having learned how to create such a wonderful artifact. I will not get tired of using it in my classes.

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