Monday, May 23, 2011

Keywords When Blogging

When searching about blogging, I found out that even important organizations as UNESCO have a blog. As a result, I thought that it was time to sort out my ideas, and ask myself the extent to which I was acquainted of blog terminology.

Drawing on the most conventional definition, a blog is “essentially someone´s personal journal made available on the web” (Colmer and Thomas, 2005, p.191). However, nowadays, we know that blogs are more than that. For instance, some authors are always ready to acknowledge the innumerable uses that a blog may have: to share materials, ; to help your students, ; to sell your teaching materials online, ; among others.

In this sense, if a blog conveys all of these features, what is blogging then? it is the activity of updating a blog. At first sight, it looks simple but it is not. When blogging you have to be familiar with an array of terms with different implications, for example, widget, gadgets, post, etc. What seems immediately obvious, for those who learn by doing, is that engaging in any of the blog functions is easier when you explore blogging through playing.

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  1. Hello Albis! You have done a very good job with your blog. Congratulations. You are a hardworking person and an example to fallow.